Letter To The Atheists

by Paul Benson

Atheists and skeptics demand extraordinary
science-based evidence for God's existence.

Now they can have it.

In this brand new FREE downloadable PDF book, Letter To The Atheists, I will present extraordinary new evidence for the existence of God, including...

  • The Real Story of How It All Began. How a description of the early universe aligning with what cosmologists tell us, along with particle physics, quantum physics and some of the laws of physics we know today were kept hidden, until now, in a short vision given to a priest exiled in ancient Chaldea.
  • The Blueprint For Life. How the primary and secondary structures of DNA, the base pairing of DNA, the core of the Central Dogma of modern biology including "transcription" from DNA into mRNA, and "translation" from mRNA into life-sustaining proteins, were hidden in plain sight for thousands of years, in the story of a shepherd and his curious love life.
  • The Hidden Secrets. How a famous man from a fairly backwater part of the Roman empire predicted, almost in passing, the origin and expansion of the universe, and how every human grows, while mentioning that things hidden in his day about the cosmos would one day come out into the open. Hardly anyone noticed, until now.
  • The Neuroverse Hypothesis. A powerful new science-based hypothesis for how and why God could exist in the first place. Up until now, nobody has been able to explain God's complexity in a satisfactory way. The hypothesis corrects this, and has the potential to be scientifically tested.

You can download Part 1 for FREE right now. (Part 2 is coming soon, and will also be FREE.)

Alternatively, you can start reading it online right now.